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Habib O


Self proclaimed tech enthusiast looking to expand my personal portfolio. Click my profile to find out more. PS. If you give me something i will break it.

Richard H


Current undergrad student studying cs and history. Looking to spread cs and isec information to create a better informed and more well educated public for a modern world.

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Tor : The Basics

How Tor has the answerThere are two key aspects to onion routing. First, the Tor network is composed of volunteers who use their computers as “nodes.” As mentioned earlier, during normal browsing, information travels across the Internet in packets. When a Tor user...

Modern Day Hacking Group – Lizard Squad

Lizard SquadThis group came to a short burst of fame before slowly dying out. They made a name for themselves during the Christmas of 2014. This was not the groups first attack that was documented.The first documented recall of this group goes back to the League Of...

Nmap’s Usage as a Vulnerability Scanner

One commonly overlooked function of Nmap is its usage as a vulnerability scanner and and even an exploit payload deliverer. Through the NSE (Nmap Scripting Engine) pentesters and security researchers have developed scripts for nmap that enable the framework to scan...

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