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Habib O


Self proclaimed tech enthusiast looking to expand my personal portfolio. Click my profile to find out more. PS. If you give me something i will break it.

Richard H


Current undergrad student studying cs and history. Looking to spread cs and isec information to create a better informed and more well educated public for a modern world.

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Staying Safe Online (Basic)

We are going to be covering how to stay safe on the internet now there are a lot of benefits to this.1. You can hide your IP address which means you won’t get DDOS attacks sent to your home connection.2. To stay hidden on websites that you don’t want tracked by your...

How Malware Is Spread

First of all these methods are posted in order to allow you to understand basic methods people use to spread malware this should not be treated as a guide to spread malware.[Method 1]This strategy is a truly no doubt understood system yet regardless it lives up to...

Choose Your Password

There are a bunch of articles here on internets that speaks about the choice of a password. What stroke me in these is the lack of example.Authors usually say “Use a password of a minimal length of 8 characters”, without explaining. This kind of article never made me...

Safely Setup A Rat

So far it seems there are no clear tutorials on how to setup a fully functioning rat, i will add some extra security tips. Please note this is purely for educational purposes and should only be used in legal situations.What we will need.A Functioning Rat (DarkComet...

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