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Habib O


Self proclaimed tech enthusiast looking to expand my personal portfolio. Click my profile to find out more. PS. If you give me something i will break it.

Richard H


Current undergrad student studying cs and history. Looking to spread cs and isec information to create a better informed and more well educated public for a modern world.

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Protect Yourself From Skype Resolvers

Skype resolvers – what do they do?Imagine a website, where you can simply put in a Skype username and press “Go” – and instantly you have their IP address.Well that’s simply what a Skype resolvers does; they fetch your IP from your Skype username.Unfortunately, it’s...

Windows Password Cracking

We are going to learn to understand and learn to crack windows passwordT A B L E O F C O N T E N T S :1 – What is NTLM?2 – How does NTLM work?3 – Windows Integrated Authentication4 – Pass the Hash5 – NTLM Relaying Methods (including EXTERNAL relaying)6 – Security...

Understanding Doxing and Footprint Removal

INDEX:– What is doxing?– Where do you begin?– What methods of gaining user info exist?– Googling– Social Media Websites– Social Engineering– Databases– Whois– Final Word– Credits– Sources– WebsitesWhat is doxing?Doxing (named after documents, “dox”) is the act of...

An Introduction To Computer Ethics

Table of Contents I. IntroductionII. Remain IncognitoIII. Protecting Yourselfi. Onlineii. OfflineIV. Resources     IntroductionThis guide is brought to you by Insight. Before I begin, I would first like to introduce myself. My name is .Sinister, and I will be...

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PHP Sanitisation

In this little guide/post we will cover the basics of sanitisation in PHP, with some code snippets and why you should use them. User inputted data. If a user inputs data onto your site directly into a mysql database, it can often be a direct point of vulnrability. The...

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