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A PHP Login and Register System With MYSQL

In this short guide i will cover the basics of setting up a PHP login and registration system. I will include the mysql file and PHP code files for you to feel free to copy and paste.Its very important to have a secure login and registration system that uses...

PHP Sanitisation

In this little guide/post we will cover the basics of sanitisation in PHP, with some code snippets and why you should use them. User inputted data. If a user inputs data onto your site directly into a mysql database, it can often be a direct point of vulnrability. The...

Understanding Orcus Rat, and Why the Owner may be facing jailtime.

In modern day society there are a lot of threats that come about the internet. The biggest risk to the average user is a smart developer, now there are two types of developers legal and illegal with many big differences. The bigest issue with malware in the modern day...

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