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Catchup on our journey to the modern day, find out all about us and our team.

Our Timeline

Forum Site


Back in 2015 we had originally launched the site with help of a group known as Insight, with the methodology that information should be free. We had published numerous guides and tutorials on the public forum.

Informational Site / News


In 2016 we had rebranded the entire site ending our partnership with Insight, from this point on we had no public forum and had made the site into a similar style you see today, we focused heavily on the news, private interviews with hackers and teaching networking with beginner cyber security.



The modern day, we have faced a two year downtime having ended the project mid 2017, we have now come back with a more enthusiastic team with long term goals. We still have the same thought knowledge should be free, and we will try our best to share all the newest things we come across. We will share all our own personal progress and much more to come. Stay tuned.

Education is in Our Blood

No matter what we have gone through as a team and organisation there is one thing we will always stick by, the importance of education. Knowledge is power and we will be working our hardest to help you grow.

Our Instructors

Meet our wonderful team.

Although the team is currently small do not let that fool you, we are working our hardest to get only the finest content out to you.

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Richard H


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