The Deep Web and the Dark Web

by | May 10, 2019 | Habib O

The Deep Web and the Dark Web

As a Hackers Education reader, you probably have heard the terms ‘Deep Web’ and ‘Dark Web’ before. Although these terms sound alike and are often confused, the two act very differently from each other. Although the Deep Web sounds like something confusing and unknown, you probably use it regularly throughout your day. So what really is the difference between the Dark Web and the Deep Web? Well to know that, first you need to know what each is.


Deep Web

You may be surprised at how simple the Deep Web really is. The Deep Web is anything on the internet that can’t be indexed by a search engine. In other words, if you can’t find it on Google, it’s part of the Deep Web. This includes unlisted YouTube videos, private social media files, or even hidden sub-Reddits. Watch out! Those hidden cat videos on Reddit are lurking far away in the Deep Web. Since the Deep Web can’t be indexed, its size can’t be measured either. Since there is so much private content on the internet, some estimate that around 99% of all the data on the internet is part of the Deep Web.  The internet can be compared to an iceberg. Everything above water is public content and almost everything under water is private, Deep Web content. To sum it up, anything that can’t be found without a url or login credentials is on the Deep Web.


Dark Web

Lets bring back that iceberg metaphor. I said almost all of the ice underwater was part of the Deep Web (also referred to as darknets). The rest is the Dark Web. You may have heard that some drug cartel or arms dealer was taken down off a hidden part of the internet. That hidden part is the Dark Web. The Dark Web is somewhat similar to the Deep Web, but also has its differences. While the Deep Web is meant to be entirely hidden, but easy to access with permission, the Dark web is almost the opposite. The Dark web was built to be public but anonymous. To do this, Dark Web services run their traffic through The Onion Router, also known as TOR. The Onion Router essentially routes you and your content through a maze of nodes (which represent layers of the onion, hence the name).  For more detailed information about TOR. Since the Dark Web is meant to be anonymous, it is often abused for illicit activity and because of that, it and the dark web are given bad names. Surprisingly enough, TOR, along with the software behind the Dark Web were made by the US Navy to allow for anonymous communication. While TOR and the Dark Web may seem scare most of their users are law abiding people who just want a little more privacy or anonymity.

To conclude, the Deep Web is anything on the internet that can’t be found on a search engine, and the Dark Web is a collection of sites that can be accessed through TOR. So the next time you hear on the news about crime on the Deep Web, you may want to find a better news channel.

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