Safely Setup A Rat

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Safely Setup A Rat

So far it seems there are no clear tutorials on how to setup a fully functioning rat, i will add some extra security tips. Please note this is purely for educational purposes and should only be used in legal situations.

What we will need.
A Functioning Rat (DarkComet will be used in this guide)

[Step 1]
First open up your rat and you may get a message about your firewall just press allow.
[Image: 3915bb49c7437e6119852ce316b866f2.png]

[Step 2]
Before we decide on making the stub there is a few precautions you can take, if you want to be almost untracable we can use a anonymous reverse tcp proxy, this is not neccesary but recommended, we will then use a dns if things change in the future so we dont loose bots.
[Image: 20800141813935b1026c89fc480865df.png]
Go ahead and purchase this when you set it up put in your public ip address found in or ipchicken, and a port you wish to use for your rat.
Eg your public ip including the port for your rat eg once you recieve your proxy you will be given a random ip and random port eg 32.432.1.432:432 all this will do is redirect to your ip so it basically acts as a proxy that redirects all communication from 32.432.1.432:432 —> this will act as our security.

[Step 3]
we will setup a dns this will give us a link like this will redirect all trafic sent to (This does not add any protection in any sort of way, this is a extra precatution to make sure you dont loose bots. We can always change the location of where the dns points to meaning if we change proxy or use a vpn or dont use any we wont loose our previous bots. Now we have all this setup this is what the connections look like
Dns –> Proxy —> Your ip . This should be more than enough protection but of course this is not needed to done if you are using this in a legal manor.

[Step 4]
We now need to proceed and make our stub.
Click on the darkcomet rat icon in the top left then locate yourself to server module then to minimalist.

[Step 5]
Copy these settings but replace the ip with the dns we created, and change the port to the port of your rat eg i used 200. Now click on normal at the bottom corner and then save your stub. You are now almost complete with your rat.
[Image: bed6a1dec1251ba20acb252dca956195.png]

[Step 6]
We will now need to allow connections through the rat so head over to Socket/Net. Go to the grid then right click and press on “Add Port to listen” then you will get a pop up window then just put your port that you user. (200 is what i used then press listen) Your rat is now ready to be used, you have two choices spread the un-crypted stub that is high detections eg 25/30 antiviruses detect it or you can purchase a crypter and crypt it to make it so 0 antiviruses detect it (If you crypt do not scan on virustotal)
[Image: 557ada884eedec17bf6da908f33095e4.png]


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