How Malware Is Spread

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How Malware Is Spread

First of all these methods are posted in order to allow you to understand basic methods people use to spread malware this should not be treated as a guide to spread malware.

[Method 1]

This strategy is a truly no doubt understood system yet regardless it lives up to expectations awesome, this is additionally one of the technique that obliges the lease measure of work. The primary thing you will need is a skype/kik/snapchat/email record, verify the sex is totally female the best age you can utilize is 19 I have discovered this one out with experience, as most pedophiles take a gander at that age. You will likewise oblige a profile photograph and possibly an accumulation of photographs for this I suggest getting them from hack discussions as you can get e-whoring packs that are not on the front page of google pictures.
There are multiple websites that can help you with this process.
We will use a forum where you can post your username and get contacts, this will get you a huge amount of requests within an hour and you can send them a spoofed exe that looks like an image that they will run. You can also do what I do and copy my template and replace the links, at this point you can also earn a little bit of money by using adfly
Heyyy im …. I am gonna add all of you on my snapchat and we can have some dirty fun!
Post your snapchat name and ill add you! Till then you can enjoy some pictures.
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

For these links you will shorten your driveby link with adfly and post them here you will earn money with the clicks and they will also be infected with you rat/bot.

[Method 2]

Another ewhoring method would be through Skype with this method it will require you to be persuasive. You will need to start a small conversation with your victim so they no your not fake like many of the bots that are out there. To infect them randomly send over your file and after that send them a message like
What do you think?
Don’t laugh ok
Anything along those lines.
A website where you can get many contacts is (You will have to find your own sorry) you can also use omeagle and chat roulette fo
Omeagle and chat roulette you will need a ewhoring pack with a video of a girl sitting in front of the camera. And start a small conversation and link them to your drive by or tell them to add you on Skype. There are many omeagle bots on hf you can use if you want to be lazy.

[Method 3]

The principal thing you’re going to need to do is enrol on various discussions including hack gatherings. I prescribe hacking gatherings and gaming discussions. The main thing you’re going to do is quest for a working device, possibly a Netflix record checker, and what you are going to do is download it, and download celesty cover so you can add your stub to the apparatus then crypt it and include a symbol. To get more downloads you will need to make a decent string configuration to make it look genuine, and you might likewise need to make numerous records and vouch for yourself till ordinary individuals download this and vouch, this technique now gets to be autopilot,  importance you are picking up introduces independent from anyone else.

[Method 4]

his method is fully autopilot and is certain to work. What you are going to need is a youtube account, and a brain, and if you want more victims a mic.
The first thing you are going to want to do is search for a YouTube video, I would recommend looking for new games that are going to come out and title your video
………Keygen for free no surveys.
Search for someone who has already done this and go to and download there video but if you want more slaves you will want to do a voice over as no voice is usually a huge giveaway that its fake, to overcome the competition you will want to register on sites like addmefast and youlikehits and u2bviews so you can get lots of views to your video and likes to overcome the dislikes, you may also look for a youtube bot to help you out a lot with this.

To make your video more interesting add lots of symbols and be creative with your description you may also want to add a virus scan that is on virus total. Before you say anything what you will want to do is open a notepad document and add some words in it and go to save as, then save is as …..Keygen.exe and under file type click on all files. Scan this new document on virus total, of course this will be fud as its nothing. Make sure your stub is name exactly the same as the fake file. OFCOURSE DON’T SCAN YOUR VIRUS ON VIRUSTOTAL USE MAYJX SCANNER. Another tip would be to add lots of tags. Another thing thing you could do is spam your youtube link on facebook pages and groups to get even more victims.

[Method 5]

This is a very simple method but is manual. Put your stub on a memory stick, go to someone computer and run it and you’re done, there is an automatic way but that only works on some memory sticks that are very old but you can purchase these kind of memory sticks.[Method 6]

This is a well-known method called torrent spreading, what you do if find a piece of software that is in need to the community. For this tutorial I would recommend virtual dj. So what you do is download a precracked installer of virtual dj and bind your virus to it with a binder I recommend celestly binder, and crypt it and add an icon.
You will then need to create your torrent and seed it, the first few installs will take a while but the more people that are seeding the more people will download it and the faster it will be, you can also try to create a readme with a link to a java drive by just in case the user doesn’t install it you can still infect them.
[Method 7]

Head over to gaming sites that allow you to post your own games, or you can use things like gumtree and craigslist. Say you are looking for beta testers for your game and then just send them your crypted stub, (Make sure you put an error message so that they contact you and say its not working)
[Method 8]

Copy a bunch of tags from youtube videos and other sites onto a paste on pastebin, this will make your paste higher ranked. Next post your download link at the top of the paste and put something like Facebook Hacker: Link
and title like Facebook hacked from team (Random name) this will get a bunch of downloads and installs.

[Method 9]

If you have a drive by and you are targetting gamers the best way is to create a game server for games like gmod, minecraft, runescape. On your game server use a link that says apply for staff or something like try our dedicated client. If your saying apply for staff link the driveby and if its client just link your download

[Method 10]

Create a few photoshopped images of games and post it onto steam, then put a comment on a bunch of games that say “Come check out this new game its way better” then link them to your “Game” and make sure you put a download link in the games description then you are sorted

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